Why Is Water So Essential to Oral Health?

Can Water Protect Your Oral Health?

You probably already know that water is essential to your whole body’s wellbeing, including your vital organs, like your heart and brain? Drinking adequate amounts of water each day can also do wonders for both your hair and your skin. But did you know that water is also important to your oral health? In fact, drinking water is one of the simplest ways to help protect against cavities and a host of other oral health issues, including gum disease. That’s because your smile relies on water to keep your teeth clean, and your gums healthy as well. So, if you care about the look, and health of your smile, it is important to drink water throughout each day.

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

While doctors and dentists might disagree slightly when determining just how much water a person should drink each day, based on his or her weight, activity level, the temperature outside, and other factors, they agree wholeheartedly that your whole body needs you to properly hydrate. When it comes to your dental health that is because water helps you produce saliva, which actually serves as a natural defense against calcified plaque buildup. Water helps by limiting the bacteria’s ability to stick to the surface of the teeth, making it harder for the bacteria to create the often-visible film known as tartar buildup, which can then only be removed through a professional dental cleaning. So, if you want to prevent cavities and other oral health issues, increasing your water intake can be a helpful step. Water is especially helpful after meals, since it can help to gently rinse food from the surface of teeth.

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