Which smile do you show?

Has anyone ever told you that they “can’t read you?” Some people are very readable, meaning their emotions, thoughts, and mood show in their facial expressions. Do you have a good “poker face” and keep your emotions under wraps, or does everyone know what you’re feeling?

Either way, your facial expressions have a lot to do with your smiles. (Yes, that’s supposed to be plural!) While you have only one set of teeth, one set of lips, and one tongue, you have multiple smiles, and you show them according to the mood or situation you’re in.

Some sources say that each person has six smiles, while others claim that we have the ability to display up to 25 unique grins. Some of these include smiles that are genuine, friendly, polite, embarrassed, playful, heartfelt, twisted, secretive, and misunderstanding.

No matter your mood or which smile you’ve chosen to wear at that moment, your smile says a lot about you, and, if you’re embarrassed to smile because your dental situation is less than ideal, that says a lot about you, too.

If you’re happy- or any other emotion- you want to show it! Don’t hide your true emotions in an effort to hide cracked, chipped, and stained teeth. Instead, make an appointment with Dr. James Fondriest in Lake Forest, Illinois by calling (847) 234-0517.

Using various cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, including porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, dental implants, dental bridges, cosmetic bonding, and teeth whitening, your teeth can be revived and restored to the optimal level of function and beauty, giving you the confidence to show whichever smile you choose.

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