When to Consider a Gum Lift

Cosmetic dentistry provides us with a large number of options when it comes to improving your smile. Each treatment can be custom-designed to address your unique concerns in the most effective manner. While many of cosmetic dentistry’s most common treatments involve improving the appearance of your teeth, we also offer esthetic gum contouring, or a gum lift, to improve the symmetry of your gum line. If your gums cover a disproportionate amount of your tooth structure—a condition often referred to as a gummy smile—then it may be time to consider a gum lift to improve your smile’s overall appearance.

How a Gum Lift Works

When your gums are uneven, it can affect your smile’s appearance even when your teeth are straight and blemish-free. Your dentist can correct this discrepancy by carefully trimming away the excess tissues to even out the contour of your gums across your entire smile. A gum lift is called such because it boosts the esthetic appearance of your gums. But, it also helps reduce your risks of periodontal disease, which involves oral bacteria accumulating underneath gum tissues.

The Finishing Touch for Your Smile

Though we often perform gum lift procedures as stand-alone improvements for gummy smiles, it can also serve as the finishing touch for a more comprehensive smile makeover. For example, after porcelain veneers are placed, a gum lift can help ensure that your gums line up properly with the veneers and the rest of your teeth. If you’ve had dental implants placed, then the procedure can also help ensure the realistic appearance and function of your replacement teeth.

Find Out if a Gum Lift Is Right for You

With a cosmetic gum lift, you can improve the appearance of your gummy smile, or put the finishing touches on your complete smile makeover. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts in Lake Forest, IL, at 847-234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of West Forest Lake, Kennedy, Lake Bluff, Skokie, Junction, and all surrounding communities.

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