What’s a Dental Bridge and How Can It Help You?

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Ever wondered if there is a better or at least a more secure way of completing your smile, rather than the unsupported denture you have now? Dentures are a popular form of prosthetic, because of their affordability and how quickly they can be completed. That said, they are not without their limitations. Many patients find that dentures can shift during chewing, causing embarrassment or even discomfort. Denture adhesives may provide temporary security, but dental bridges are a form of prostheses that allows for even more stability, particularly when eating. Whether you are looking to update an ill-fitting prostheses, or to complete your smile after the recent loss of a tooth, it can be beneficial to speak with your dentist about how a dental bridge could help.

Do You Need to Replace a Lost Tooth?

If you have recently lost a tooth, it is important to understand the many reasons completing the smile is imperative. Not only does a prostheses offer cosmetic benefits, but it creates important functional ones, as well. For instance, a replacement tooth helps improve a person’s ability to chew. It also helps to prevent remaining teeth from trying to shift into the gap that was created by the tooth loss. In this way, it can help prevent alignment problems for all the teeth.

Enjoy Confidence and Comfort with Your Complete Smile

A dental bridge offers added benefits, compared to dentures, because it is held firmly in place through the use of porcelain dental crowns affixed to remaining teeth. This allows for added confidence when chewing, and because crowns are made to look natural, it offers esthetic benefits as well.

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