Cosmetic Dentistry Planning Process

Cosmetic dentistry planning

If you feel dissatisfied by the condition of your smile, your dentist can help you outline a treatment plan to see fantastic changes. In some cases, a patient will need to undergo more involved to see the results they truly desire. Our practice is proud to offer artistic smile design, which involves a detailed assessment of your oral health, with a full cosmetic dentistry planning process to bring about your ideal appearance. That can involve making your teeth whiter and brighter, but it could also involve restorative work. Even if your smile is impacted by poor oral care, or missing teeth, we can work with you to help you effect a stunning transformation! 

Having a beautiful, radiant smile can make a big difference in your life. Not only can it improve your self-esteem, according to a recent study, the quality of your smile can help you get a job, earn more money, and enjoy a more successful dating life. However, as with all elective dental and medical procedures, you need to consider several factors before undergoing cosmetic treatment. Your Lake Forest cosmetic dentist discusses a few of these factors and offers practical tips for ensuring the most positive cosmetic dental experience possible.

Planning Major Cosmetic Dentistry

Planning a major smile rehabilitation may take several procedures, particularly if you are experiencing oral health problems like tooth decay, or advanced wear and tear. Your dentist can survey your smile, and take an account of every issue that needs to be addressed. They can also talk to you about how to make the most changes in the fewest steps. For many people, major cosmetic changes can be achieved with the placing of porcelain veneers. However, your dentist may need to provide dental crowns to teeth in poor condition. A porcelain-made crown can provide you with a restoration that looks great when you smile.

Have a Clear Idea of Your Smile Goals

Jumping into a major project without a clear idea of what you hope to achieve sets you up for failure. Determining how you want your perfect smile to look or what you hope to achieve through smile enhancement can help both you and your dentist devise a successful treatment plan. One method for determining your smile goals involves taking a close look at your smile and writing down the aspects you like and those you do not like. Do your teeth look uneven or do you have triangular spaces at the gum line? Do you have old dental work that has aged or chipped? Another method involves scrolling through before-and-after smile galleries, finding a “before” smile that looks like your, and then reading up on how the “after” smile was achieved. all of these things help you help your dentist in the cosmetic dentistry planning phase.

How Does Cosmetic Dentistry Fit into Your Lifestyle?

Seeking cosmetic dental treatment requires an honest assessment of your lifestyle. If certain lifestyle factors contradict cosmetic treatments and you feel unwilling or unable to change those factors, you may want to postpone cosmetic treatment. For instance, if you smoke heavily and do not practice consistent oral hygiene, the brightening effects of an at-home whitening system will likely be short lived. On the other hand, you can look at undergoing cosmetic dental procedures as a way to motivate positive lifestyle changes. For example, if you invest the time and money to have beautiful teeth veneers placed, that can prompt you to quit using tobacco and start brushing and flossing regularly to help prolong the life of your new, radiant smile.

Effective Dentist-Patient Communication in the Cosmetic Dentistry Planning Process

Communication is key to reaching your smile goals. Dr. James Fondriest believes working closely with patients offers the best route to achieving a successful smile. You have a unique vision of what a beautiful smile looks like. Through close conversation and a thorough review of the many options available, you and Dr. Fondriest can develop an ideal treatment plan to help you achieve your distinctly beautiful smile.

Should I Improve My Oral Care Before Starting the Journey?

Your dentist can talk to you about keeping your smile in great shape before treatment. Part of this approach can involve tackling particular issues, like teeth grinding, which can have a negative effect on your smile. It can also simply mean keeping up with good oral practices at home, and attending regular dental exams.

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