What Questions Do You Have About Dental Care? Part Two

Got Questions? Your Dentist Can Help

Ever wondered why your breath smells bad just a few minutes after your brush your teeth? Are you feeling tempted to skip your next dental appointment, because you don’t see how a cleaning could really be necessary when your smile already looks so healthy? There are a lot of questions people have about preventive dental care, yet they feel too embarrassed to ask. Sadly this can be bad news for their smiles, which need regular maintenance to keep tartar buildup at bay. If you really care about your smile, it’s time to get answers to your pressing dental questions. And then, to act on your preventive dentist’s advice!

Why is my breath so stinky?

The leading cause of bad breath is bacteria in the mouth. While daily tooth brushing helps to clean the teeth, it can still leave behind lots of bacteria, which can lead to oral health threats, and also offensive breath.

Two simple ways to help remove more bacteria on a daily basis are flossing, which helps to clean between the crevices of the teeth, and brushing or scraping the tongue clean, as well. Using a plastic tongue scraper makes this act simple, but the back of the toothbrush can also be used to help remove bacteria that can lead to film on the surface of the tongue, which can certainly cause bad breath.

Of course, regular dental cleanings are also essential to keeping the smile healthy and limiting the bacteria that can lead to stinky breath.

Do I have to see the dentist if my teeth are already healthy?

While your smile might look clean and healthy, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Cavities are incredibly common, and the likelihood of developing them greatly increases when you skip routine cleanings.

Checkups and cleanings should occur at least twice a year, whether you think your smile needs it or not. This is necessary because tartar can only be effectively removed through professional cleanings.

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