What Is Your Diet Doing to Your Dental Health?

Dental Health and Dieting

Many people set out to eat healthier and take better care of themselves as each new year begins. Unfortunately, in their effort to care for their bodies, and possibly even to lose weight, they might be damaging their dental health. Many diet products can still be high in acidity and even sugar, which can be extremely bad for one’s oral health. To help protect your smile, then, make sure you are choosing foods and drinks that will benefit your oral health as well as your body!

Watch the Labels

Whether you are purchasing energy bars or protein powders, oatmeal for breakfast or grabbing a juice, it is important to check your labels when buying any packaged foods. Look for items that are low in sugar content, since the bacteria in the mouth feed on sugars. The more sugar you consume the more likely you are to struggle with dental decay like cavities.

Keep in mind that even healthy foods, like fruits, can be damaging due to their acidity, as well. So it is best not to chew on highly acidic fruits like lemons. In fact, even adding them to water can begin to cause erosion.

Drink Plain Water

Speaking of water, one of the simplest ways to protect your smile and your body, is by staying properly hydrated. Many people don’t realize that water is essential to saliva production, which naturally defends against plaque buildup. So while you may use supplements, or protein shakes to reach your weight goals in 2017, just be sure you are drinking plenty of H20, to keep your smile healthy as well!

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