What is the downside of dental implants?

Compelling Reasons to Complete Your Smile

Tooth loss can be a troubling experience for adults. Not only can an incomplete smile make it more difficult to chew comfortably, but it can create insecurity while smiling, as well. Over time, though, the side effects brought on my booth loss can be even more bothersome. That is because tooth loss can cause remaining teeth to shift, trying to fill the created gap. This can lead to functional problems with the smile, such as misalignment and even jaw-related conditions like Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Fortunately, prompt prosthetic treatment makes it possible to complete the smile both cosmetically and functionally, so you can get back to life as it was prior to the tooth loss. Just as importantly, a prosthetic tooth replacement can help preserve your smile for years to come.

Tooth Loss Requires Quick Prosthetic Treatment

When you have lost a tooth, it is important to schedule a dental appointment as quickly as possible. Prompt completion of the smile is one of the best ways to preserve your remaining teeth’s alignment, but it can also be essential to preventing additional tooth loss. If gum disease was the cause of your tooth loss, for instance, the condition will only worsen with time, often leading to the loss of additional teeth. Treatment like periodontal therapy, can help restore the gums’ health and protect your remaining teeth.

Talk to Your Dentist About Your Goals for Your Smile

Porcelain bridges are one popular way of completing a smile after tooth loss. That is because a bridge offers added security, when compared to an unsupported denture. Bridges are anchored by crowns affixed to remaining teeth, helping to add stability while one chews.

Dental implants are an even more permanent way to complete the smile. Talk to your dentist about your goals in seeking prosthetic treatment, that way you can determine the best solution for completing your own smile.