Dentistry is an Art Too!

What Is Artistic Dentistry?

Artistic dentistry

When you are happy and proud of your smile, it shines through. When you feel self-conscious of your smile, the lack of confidence can be evident. Your smile makes up a big part of your appearance. Because your smile makes up a big part of your appearance, you want it to retain it’s uniqueness and identity to you. Oftentimes, the thing that we find to be a flaw or an imperfection is what others find endearing and special about our smile. Artistic dentistry is when you and your dentist work together to create a plan cosmetically enhance your smile while also keeping the elements that make your smile special. 

Working together to find your perfect smile

If you have cosmetic changes that you would like to make on your teeth, you and your dentist can make a plan to do so. Your dentist can walk you through the things that you dislike and the things that you do like about your smile. Once those are discussed, a plan can be formed. The plan may involve multiple treatments, such as bonding, veneers, a gum lift, contouring, and whitening.

A smile make-over does not have to be a cookie cutter

Because you and your dentist will have formulated a specific plan for what you want your smile to look like and the procedures that can be done, your new smile will come out unique to you. The changes can be big, like porcelain veneers, or small, like whitening. Either way, doing dentistry with an artistic flare will offer a smile that will make you feel more confident as well as a smile that you will recognize as your own.

Artistic dentistry could be your path to the perfect smile

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