What Happens if I Don’t Floss?

Maintaining gum health

For many people flossing is at the very bottom of their priority list. It can seem cumbersome, and many see it as unnecessary. “If I’m brushing my teeth, what’s the big deal about flossing?” Unfortunately, while brushing is a good start, it can still leave behind plaque and bacteria. Dentists don’t just recommend, but strongly urge, patients to make flossing an important, consistent part of their daily routine because of the key role it plays in maintaining gum health, an essential part of a beautiful smile.

The Purpose of Flossing

  • Even persistent brushing is unable to remove all the plaque and bacteria that can gather between teeth. Mouthwashes also leave behind hard-to-reach germs.
  • Flossing is often the best way to remove the bacteria prone to gather in between teeth, and it can be an important measure in maintaining gum health.
  • When bacteria and food particles remains in the mouth, particularly between teeth, it can cause gum inflammation that can lead to periodontal disease if untreated. That’s why dentists are so adamant about the importance of flossing. It should not be seen as an alternative or “bonus” after brushing, but as a separate and equally important part of at-home dental care.

How We Can Help

At Lake Forest Dental, we’re happy to help patients maintain good oral hygiene, and to take any steps necessary to improve the appearance of their smiles. This includes making sure patients are not only flossing, but flossing correctly, so they can help ensure their gums are healthy.


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