What Does It Mean When Your Jaw Pops?

Does your jaw pop, click, or move slightly to the side when you open and close your mouth? While a popping jaw is common, it is not normal, and in severe cases, it can cause a great deal of discomfort. The difficulty in movement typically stems from a dysfunction within your jaw’s joints, which along with the muscles that surround them, make this movement possible. Today, we explore how a popping jaw affects the mechanisms that make your bite work, and how professional dental treatment can help ease the discomfort.

Your Popping TMJ Joints

The term TMJ disorder stems from the temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, that connect your lower jaw (mandible) to your temporal bones. The sliding joints are located just in front of each ear and are designed to disperse the pressure of your bite throughout the entire joint. Even distribution of this pressure requires your jaws to be aligned properly. Unfortunately, your TMJs can become damaged and misaligned due to a number of factors, including crooked teeth. When your jaws are out of alignment, you may hear them pop and click as your jaw’s muscles work overtime to bite, chew, and speak. The strain can lead to TMJ disorder and sometimes debilitating discomfort in your head, neck, face, shoulder, and back.

Treating TMJ Disorder to Stop the Popping

If your jaw pops or hurts continuously, then your dentist can help determine if you have TMJ disorder and can benefit from customized treatment. After a thorough examination your dentist may suggest a custom-designed oral appliance that can help your jaw rest properly and more comfortably while you sleep. By alleviating pressure on your jaw’s joints, they can heal and regain their proper function, eliminating symptoms like jaw pain and popping joints.

Find Out How to Stop Your Jaw from Popping

If your jaw pops or clicks when you open and close your mouth, then it could indicate a serious jaw dysfunction known as TMJ disorder. To learn how to treat it and stop the symptoms, schedule a consultation by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts in Lake Forest, IL, at 847-234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of West Forest Lake, Kennedy, Lake Bluff, Skokie, Junction, and all surrounding communities.

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