What Cosmetic Treatment Is Right for Me? Part One

What Cosmetic Dentistry Is Right?

Have you grown tired of trying to hide your smile when out with friends or your significant other? Does it seem silly or frustrating to feel embarrassed because of imperfections in your smile? Many people say they notice a person’s smile before any other physical attribute, and express that it is the last thing they forget. So don’t you want to make your first and lasting impression count? If so, cosmetic dentistry could help provide you with a smile you’ll feel proud to show off. A consultation with your dentist could help determine which treatment or combination of them can help you achieve a dream smile.

Do You Feel Ashamed of Deep Staining?

Staining is one of the most common complaints of people of all ages. Over time, foods and beverages can cause the teeth to look less bright, yellow, or even grey. Fortunately cosmetic dentistry offers a way to lighten and brighten even deeply-set stains, allowing patients to feel prouder of their “pearly whites.”

Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, which can vary greatly in effectiveness, professional whitening creates consistently noticeable results, often lightening patients’ teeth by more than seven shades. In some cases, the teeth may even be lightened a dramatic fourteen shades.

So if you hope to achieve a noticeably whiter smile, talk to your cosmetic dentist about the unique benefits of professional whitening.

Even permanent staining or discoloration can be corrected through cosmetic dentistry. The dentist will likely recommend cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers to hide intrinsic or permanent stains.

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