Want to Smile More Confidently? Consider a Modern Dental Prosthetic

Modern Prosthetic Dentistry Options

Are you tired of uncomfortable or failing dentures or other old dental prosthetics? Tired of worrying that your fake teeth will shift during dinner, causing embarrassment or discomfort? Was the last time you loved your smile before you lost a tooth? Was that years ago? Many patients don’t realize that over time prosthetic can fail, either because of wear to the prosthetic itself, or because of changes to the jaw’s structure. For instance, without a healthy tooth root, in place, the jaw can begin to shrink over time, often leading to discomfort and even misalignment of remaining teeth. Fortunately modern prosthetic dentistry provides a number of ways to cope with tooth loss, in more comfortable and stable ways than in the past. So don’t settle, where your prosthetic is considered. Explore options for updating and improving your smile!

What Prosthetic Is Best for You?

Dental prosthetics come in a variety of forms, including dentures, which remain popular, but also dental bridges and dental implants. Determining which is the best option for you depends on the circumstances surrounding your tooth loss, your overall oral health, your budget for treatment, and, of course, your desires for your smile, moving forward.

Dentures make an affordable option, but they’re not the most secure, which is why many patients find them uncomfortable, especially after some time has passed. Bridges are more stable, thanks to crowns anchored to remaining teeth. They’re also natural-looking and affordable. But dental implants are, by far, the most stable option, and often advised, particularly if a patient has lost many teeth.

Without replacing the teeth’s roots, you see, the jaw will begin to shrink over time, because it’s no longer receiving ample nutrients. An implant helps to prevent this, while also beautifully completing the smile.

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