Vegan Dental Health Questions

Do you follow a vegan diet? Veganism is often criticized by the people who choose to not follow that dietary lifestyle and even some medical professionals. This is because it’s believed that the diet is unable to support a healthy body, due to the lack of nutrients vegans receive. However, while many of the foods vegans do enjoy aid in maintaining sound oral health, some dental health questions do surround this type of lifestyle.

To answer some commonly posed questions about dental health and veganism, Dr. James Fondriest, your Lake Forest, IL dentist provides this post.

Vegan Dental Health Questions

Q1: Does almond milk provide sufficient calcium?

A1: Yes. Almonds themselves provide an excellent source of calcium whether you choose to munch on them or drink almond milk. However, cow’s milk does provide other nutrients that almond milk won’t provide, such as, vitamins A, K, and D. To fill-in these dietary gaps, you can choose to take supplements or find other foods that provide the same benefits. For example, just 10 minutes of sunlight each day provides plenty of vitamin D.

Q2: Should I brush immediate after eating sticky fruits?

A2: Brushing after every meal is truly one of the best ways to keep your smile healthy. Much like eating candy, brushing after eating a sticky fruit like dates, is actually better than waiting. The longer the wait period, the more prone to disease you become.

Q3: Do leafy-greens help fortify my teeth?

A3: Leafy-greens offer anyone lots of essential vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body and smile. In fact, vegetables like kale and spinach offer vitamins C, A, and K alongside plenty of fiber. There are even anti oral cancer benefits. When eating these greens, though, we recommend adding a healthy fat—like an avocado—to ensure the nutrients become absorbed.

Q4: I snack constantly, is this bad for my teeth?

A4: Constant snacking is great for your metabolism, however, it doesn’t offer your mouth any resting periods. In other words, your teeth, jaw, and even salivary glands work nonstop throughout the day. Instead, try staggering your snacks to give your mouth plenty of rest between mealtimes.

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