Trivia You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Dentistry isn’t as boring as you may think. Sure, dentists wear white lab coats — which may seem boring — and they enjoy reading about science and technology, but that shouldn’t skew your view of dentistry. The mouth is an amazing place!

Did you know?

• Our teeth are the most durable part of the human body.
• Tooth enamel is 2nd only to diamonds for hardness, when it comes to natural substances.
• There are 600+ types of bacteria in our mouth.
• Tooth decay bacteria also cause gum disease, heart disease, and even brain infection or death.
• 1% of the adult population is immune to getting cavities.
• Bacteria that cause tooth decay cannot survive after we die.
• Teeth can last thousands of years.
• Nearly 66% of the population brushes their teeth too hard.
• Teeth clenching—bruxism—causes chronic headaches, earaches, jaw pain, sleep debt, and damaged teeth.
• Many dentists now treat sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous sleep disorder.
• On average, women smile 62 times in a day.
• On average, men only smile 8 times a day.
• Kids, on average, laugh 400 times a day.
• Grown ups, on average, laugh only 15 times per day.
• 75% of Americans have gum disease of some type.
• 50% of Americans do not receive oral care.

Did you notice any details there that describe something in your dental routine? It’s very interesting to learn just how truly important your dental care is. When we neglect good care of our teeth and gums, we can put our entire body in jeopardy.

Many harmful habits are a result of ignorance, being misinformed, or subconscious behavior, like grinding your teeth while you sleep.  These are all reasons it’s imperative to seek regular consultation from a dentist. Give our team at Lake Forest Dental Arts a call today to set up an evaluation appointment. Call 847-234-0517 or contact us online.

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