Treat Yourself to a True Makeover, Starting with Your Smile: Part Two

A Smile Makeover Can Enhance Your Beauty

Sure, getting your nails done, a new haircut, or investing in a great pair of shoes can make you feel good for a little while. It’s always smart to put your best foot forward, after all. But while style trends will come and go, often as quick as the seasons, a beautiful smile will never go out of fashion! So make sure yours is looking its best through a smile makeover with your cosmetic dentist. From gum lifts to restorative treatment, there are actually a number of ways the dentist can improve the look of your smile!

Are Your Teeth the Problem, Or Could It Be Your Gums?

Many people think of their teeth when they think of cosmetic dental treatment. But teeth aren’t always the problem. Especially as you age, you may find that your gums may seem to take up more and more of your smile. This is the result of excessive gum growth, which can lead to teeth that seem disproportionally small or even oddly shaped.

In this case, the best course of action is often a gum lift. This involves carefully sculpting away excess gum tissue, to create a more even-looking smile.

This treatment requires recovery time, unlike some other forms of cosmetic treatment, but if your gums are the reason for your esthetic concerns, a gum lift may be the only viable solution.

What If You Need More Than Cosmetic Treatment?

Though most people think of crowns as necessary restorative treatment, they can also be beautiful ways to improve the look and function of your smile. For instance, if you have a chipped or cracked tooth, a porcelain crown could help not only preserve your damaged tooth, but also improve the look of your smile.

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