Tooth Erosion And What Causes It

Everybody worries about cavities because they are uncomfortable and inconvenient. While many of you don’t mind getting your teeth cleaned, most of you probably do mind getting cavities filled. Cavities aren’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to your dental health. There is tooth erosion, abrasion, and attrition. All of them are a form of tooth wear and all of them compromise your dental health. If you’re a parent and are concerned about your children’s teeth, it’s important to be aware of tooth erosion and what causes it.

Acidic Beverages

It’s common knowledge that soda is high in sugar which is bad for your teeth, but did you know that the acids in soda and other beverages are just as damaging? It was once thought that as long as you rinsed your mouth with water, or brushed your teeth within an acceptable period of time after consuming soft drinks, you could combat the effects of sugar. However, that does nothing to combat the effects of acid on your teeth. According to studies acid damages your dentition within the first 30 seconds of sipping the beverage. Some beverages to avoid include:

Children and Tooth Erosion

Tooth erosion is on the rise among children, and it can cause serious long-term repercussions. It’s difficult to tell if your child has a problem with erosion until the damage becomes noticeable, and once it happens it can result in extensive and expensive dental treatments. That’s why it is important to try to prevent it. Other causes of tooth erosion include:

  • Acid Reflux: Children often have acid reflux that goes undiagnosed. While people sleep, stomach acid can regurgitate up through the esophagus and into their mouth causing erosion when coming into contact with their teeth.
  • Bruxism: Bruxism is the grinding and/or clenching of teeth. It tends to be common in children and can cause permanent tooth wear.

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