TMJ Disorder Issues: What Are They?

There are many issues related to TMJ disorder. Have you found that your jaw seems to feel sore during the day or that you suffer from unexplained discomfort like chronic headaches? One of the benefits of visiting us for care is that we can take a closer look at your oral structures to uncover problems you may not even realize are related to dental care. One serious problem that often remains undetected is TMJ disorder – or poorly functioning jaw joints. Fortunately, we offer TMJ treatment to alleviate discomfort, while protecting long-term oral health. Wondering if this applies to you? Learn more:

The Issues Associated with TMJ Disorder

Commonly known as “TMD,” this disorder affects many patients who often have no idea why they are suffering from discomfort. To help you determine whether TMJ disorder is affecting your daily life, look over the following common symptoms that point to a need for TMJ treatment:

You suffer from chronic headaches consistently

Your jaw tends to hurt, feel sore or tender, click, pop, or make other obvious noises

You suffer from difficulty with chewing

You hear a ringing sound in your ears

Your teeth feel quite sensitive to extremes in temperatures

Opening your mouth all the way is challenging or impossible

You face feels sore

Your top and bottom teeth do not seem to fit together comfortably when you bite down – or, your bite appears to have changed


Do You Need Treatment for TMJ dysfunction issues?

TMD can affect you immediately by causing discomfort and in the long run by damaging your jaw joints and the surrounding supportive tissues and structures, like ligaments and muscles. Speak with us about our TMJ treatment options, which may include a night guard or bite improvement, to achieve daily and long-term comfort.

Learn more about TMJ dysfunction issues

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