Time Machine: Cosmetic Dental Bonding

While the rest of the world has given up on time machines as a plausible means of conquering the world, Dr. Fondriest has succeeded in the next best thing: cosmetic dental bonding as a plausible time machine for teeth. Unwanted spaces, worn enamel, broken and chipped teeth, crooked and misaligned teeth, and permanently stained and discolored teeth can disappear in a procedure that will seem to open a time warp. The future is now and the past is changeable, at least for your teeth.

How does the process work? First we will prepare your tooth surface so that a composite resin can properly adhere to it. The composite resin is then shaped and smoothed to create a blended effect. It is then dried with a high-power curing light.  Buffing and polishing finalize the natural look.

Additionally, cosmetic dental bonding is a conservative treatment. Our bonding material is applied in very thin layers, so we can preserve the maximum amount of tooth structure. Crowns and veneers can’t make this claim. In addition, bonding is built directly onto the tooth surface in a way that is durable and kind to the opposing teeth.

To find out more about cosmetic dental bonding, call Dr. James Fondriest at Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517.

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