Three Times a Dental Crown Is the Answer

Times a Dental Crown Is the Answer?

Are you concerned that you may have developed a dental problem, such as a cavity, a chip, or another threat to your oral health? If so, you might be concerned by the discomfort this problem has created. You could also be worried about what restorative options are available, to help save the tooth, and what effect these solutions could have on the appearance of your smile. Fortunately, modern dental crowns are a wonderful way to address many tooth-related problems. Best of all, they can often provide cosmetic benefits as well as functional protection.

Is One of Your Teeth Badly Damaged?

In the case of chips, cracks, and even deep cavities, crowns are frequently a great solution. A crown is built to withstand the pressure you exert while chewing, helping to keep the fragile tooth beneath the crown in tact. This also helps keep chips and cracks from worsening over time, with general wear. It can also seal the tooth against bacteria that could lead to an infection.

Are You Unhappy with an Existing Restoration?

For patients unhappy with current restorations, such as outdated metal crowns or even failing dental fillings, modern dental crowns provide a wonderful way to update the smile, both cosmetically and functionally.

Crowns can be made of porcelain designed to match the natural teeth, closely, allowing for renewed confidence as one smiles. Plus, porcelain conducts less heat than metal, making it a more comfortable restorative option for many patients.

Do You Need to Complete Your Smile After Tooth Loss?

Crowns can even be used to help complete a smile after tooth loss or extraction, as part of a dental bridge or dental implant. In fact, many patients prefer the beauty and feel of a supported dental crown.

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