Hygiene Recommendations for Your Gums

Taking care of your gums is important to both your tooth health and your overall health. Poor gum health can lead to periodontal disease which is the major reason for tooth loss. Periodontal disease has also been implicated in several other health conditions including diabetes, heart diseases, dementia, erectile dysfunction, and others. Unless gum disease is inherent in your family genetics, it is largely preventable. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits can help keep gum disease at bay.  However, many people are not taking care of their gums.

Brushing and Flossing

Many people dislike flossing and many also brush improperly. That may contribute to the fact that gum disease is on the rise. Every time you eat or drink, food particles get trapped in your tongue and between your teeth. These particles attract pathogenic bacteria that feast on them and excrete harmful acids. If you do not brush properly and floss regularly, the buildup of bacteria and acids can result in receding gums, and inflamed or infected gums.

Dental Work

Periodontal disease results in tooth loss. If you begin losing your teeth you may end up needing dental implants, bridges, or dentures. Both are costly and dentures can be uncomfortable. The best way to keep your gums healthy is by brushing after every meal (if you can’t brush at least swish with water and spit to reduce food debris and sugars and starches on your teeth, gums, and tongue), flossing once a day, and attending professional dental cleanings twice a year.

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