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Lake Forest Cosmetic Dentist Honors Famous Dentists in History

Like other forms of medicine, dentistry has had a long, interesting history that dates back to ancient civilizations. For example, ancient Sumerians chewed on tree twigs to clean their teeth and ancient Egyptians used ground pumice and vinegar as dentifrice. Thankfully, brilliant minds in the past have contributed to what modern dentistry has become today…. Read more »

Teeth Whitening Trivia from Your Chicago Dentist

A bright, white smile is a coveted attribute. Interestingly, the pursuit of a white smile is not a new endeavor. In fact, people have tried to whiten their smiles in various ways for thousands of years. You might be surprised by early civilizations’ methods for whitening teeth. Some techniques are advanced while others were very… Read more »

The Mighty Mandible

Of the 14 bones that make up your face, your mandible—lower jaw—is the largest and strongest. Unlike the other bones in your face, the mandible is not attached to your skull, and therefore has the incredible mobility that allows you to eat, speak, and spit. Time, diet, and dental work affect your mandible’s shape and… Read more »