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The Perils of Brighter Pearly Whites

Rich, delicious foods are great – in moderation. A flavorful wine is wonderful – in moderation. And teeth whitening can seriously improve a smile’s appearance – if used in moderation. For a few years now, the media has deemed people who over-bleach their teeth bleach-orexics. As a respected cosmetic dentist, Dr. James Fondriest condones professional… Read more »

Fun Valentine’s Day Facts from Your Chicago Dentist

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. For a holiday so dear to our hearts, many of us don’t know too much about it. Interestingly, Valentine’s Day runs deep through our history. Some historians believe Valentine’s Day celebrations began in Ancient Rome during the rule of Claudius II. Throughout Europe, the holiday has been… Read more »

Interesting Smile Facts from Your Chicago Dentist

Smiling is important We do it every single day whether we notice or not. Your smile can affect the way others perceive you, improve your relationships with colleagues, neighbors, and friends, and even attract career opportunities. If you smile less than you should, you are missing out! Not only does smiling impact interpersonal relationships, it… Read more »

Our Commitment to You

In a world that’s constantly introducing new scientific and technological advancements, it’s easy for medical professionals to lose sight of the importance of personalized, caring doctor-patient relationships. Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. James Fondriest realizes the need for each and every one of his patients to have a personal, comfortable experience in our Lake Forest dental… Read more »

Cleaning Up: Alternative Uses for Dental Hygiene Products

How frustrating is it when you’re almost—but not quite—out of toothpaste, or when there’s only a little left at the bottom of the mouthwash bottle? “Waste not, want not.” There are plenty of other uses for oral hygiene products. Your old toothbrush still has life left in it as well! We’ve collected a short list… Read more »

Meet Matt Roberts

Dr. James Fondriest is a well-known and accomplished cosmetic dentist in the Lake Forest area of Chicago. With an expert eye for smile design, aesthetics, and high-quality dentistry, Dr. Fondriest and the Lake Forest Dental Arts team have created healthy, functional, and beautiful smiles for patients from across Illinois. A Complete Team for Your Smile… Read more »