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Your Lake Forest Dentist Discusses Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent option for patients requiring a replacement tooth. However, not everyone is an ideal candidate for a dental implant. Your Lake Forest dentist has provided the following information to see if a dental implant is the right procedure for you. What Are Dental Implants? A dental implant consists of a titanium… Read more »

Our Commitment to You

In a world that’s constantly introducing new scientific and technological advancements, it’s easy for medical professionals to lose sight of the importance of personalized, caring doctor-patient relationships. Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. James Fondriest realizes the need for each and every one of his patients to have a personal, comfortable experience in our Lake Forest dental… Read more »

Caring for Your Oral Health Could Protect Your Mental Health

Do you have cavities, the sniffles, or vision problems that you’ve been ignoring? Your mental health in the future may depend on a visit to a healthcare professional today. According to a recent study, regular checkups with your dentist, optometrist, and physician, along with an active lifestyle, could decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease,… Read more »