Supporting Your Smile with High-Quality Restorations

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By providing high-quality restorations and artistic dental work, Lake Forest Dental Arts can help you enjoy your best smile. Dr. James Fondriest, your Chicago cosmetic dentist, uses restorations to address cosmetic concerns as well as dental damage, such as decay, chips, or fractures. If you are simply looking to hide flaws that affect the quality of your smile, and not your health, a lab-made restoration in the form of porcelain veneers can do wonders. If you need something that will protect vulnerable teeth, you could require a porcelain crown. During any work to care for your smile, your dentist will see to it that you feel great about your appearance when you leave the office!

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Durability and Aesthetics: The Best of Both Worlds

What kind of properties should you expect of a dental restoration? Whether you are coming in for cosmetic or restorative dental care, you should look forward to a restoration that is attractive, and life-like, while also being durable enough to withstand biting and chewing pressures. Through advanced work, it is possible for crowns and veneers to bear a striking similarity to your natural teeth. This means you can come away from a treatment with a quality smile improvement that you can count on for many years!

Types of Restorations by Your Chicago Cosmetic Dentist

Now that you know you don’t have to choose between beauty and function, let’s explore just a few of the restorative treatments offered by your Chicago cosmetic dentist.

Dental Bonding

Those who have sustained only minor dental damage or decay can benefit from dental bonding. During this procedure, your Chicago cosmetic dentist carefully applies tooth-colored composite resin to the affected area, then shapes it to blend in with your smile.

Bonding serves both restorative and cosmetic purposes. Composite resin is the same material that is used to fill cavities. Using an artistic eye and modern methods, Dr. Fondriest can achieve natural-looking results with this cost-effective option.

Porcelain Crowns

Larger cavities and fractures often require dental crowns, as fillings are usually not strong enough to support the tooth structure. There are several types of crowns available. When possible, your Chicago cosmetic dentist recommends an all-porcelain crown. Crafted from multiple layers of medical-grade ceramic, porcelain crowns mimic the way that natural teeth reflect light. A porcelain crown is one of the most aesthetic choices one can make when trying to restore a lifelike smile.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crowns

Sometimes dental damage is so severe that an all-ceramic crown may not provide enough reinforcement or strength. In these instances, Dr. Fondriest may suggest a PFM crown. These restorations offer the beauty of porcelain crowns, but the strength of metal ones. To create a PFM crown, a metal substructure is coated in medical-grade ceramic. When placed, the ceramic portion of the crown is all you will see.

Over time, a PFM crown can cause a dark line to appear near the gum line. This is the metal coping portion of the crown showing through. However, Dr. Fondriest uses innovative methods to ensure that optimal aesthetics are delivered. For example, working in conjunction with a world-class ceramist, Dr. Fondriest can request a porcelain butt joint margin for your PFM crown. This adds a layer of tooth-colored porcelain all the way to the end of the crown, where it meets the gums. In the event that the gum tissue wears thin over the years, metal will not show through.

In addition to using porcelain butt join margins, your Chicago cosmetic dentist always chooses high-noble gold alloys for his crowns. Because gold is a warmer color, it is easier to mask with layered ceramic. This offers a more lifelike appearance.

Dental Bridges

Bridges are appropriate for individuals who are missing a row of teeth. Generally, a well-made dental bridge can effectively replace one to three consecutive teeth. Like crowns, bridges come in many varieties. For example, your Chicago cosmetic dentist offers:

  • All-porcelain bridges: Like all-ceramic crowns, porcelain bridges offer truly aesthetic results. However, these restorations are more often recommended for front teeth, as back teeth can exert too much pressure on the bridge.
  • PFM bridges: To replace molar teeth, your Chicago cosmetic dentist may use a PFM bridge. Because the ceramic is layered onto a metal substructure, this restoration offers more strength than an all-porcelain bridge.
  • Maryland bridges: Generally used as a temporary solution, a Maryland bridge is attached to the neighboring teeth with special resin wings. In other words, there is no need to reduce the size of the natural teeth. These restorations are often used to hold space in younger patients while they grow. Once the bones are developed, Dr. Fondriest usually recommends an implant. Because of his artistic vision, even temporary restorations are incredibly lifelike.
  • Cantilever bridges: In an effort to minimize natural tooth alteration, a cantilever bridge is only anchored to one adjacent tooth, not two. This type of bridge is only recommended in the front of the mouth, where there is little to no bite force.

Dental Implants

Tooth loss can be devastating to your oral health and the appearance of your smile. Dental implants offer a reliable, long-lasting solution, and they can be restored with crowns, bridges, or dentures. No matter how many teeth you need to replace, Dr. Fondriest can create a custom restoration that complements your natural beauty. Using the most advanced methods and technologies, he can help you achieve a healthy smile that boosts your confidence too!

Your Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Can Dramatically Enhance Your Smile

Are you excited to see how your dentist can beautify your smile? Are you looking for a second opinion on recommended dental work? Our practice is ready to meet with you and discuss these matters, so you can see an amazing change to your appearance! One treatment is often all that is required to transform the way a person’s smile looks.

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