Summer Smile Makeover Quiz

Summer is generally a break from tests and quizzes, but Lake Forest Dental Arts like you to take a quick smile makeover quiz. Don’t worry: You won’t need to study and we won’t grade your answers! (But we will recommend some wonderful cosmetic dental procedures to improve your smile.)

Hint:  Looking at your smile in the mirror will help you answer these questions.

1)      What color are your teeth?

A) White

B) Off-white

C) Yellow or brown

2)      How does your tooth alignment look?

A) Straight

B) Crooked or crowded

C) Gapped

3)      Do you notice flaws in your teeth?

A) No

B) Yes, they are chipped

C) Yes, the enamel is worn

4) Are you happy with the shape of your teeth?

A) Yes

B) No, they are too small

C) No, they are misshapen or jagged

Scoring: If you answered with all A’s, you probably have a dazzling, gorgeous smile. Dr. James Fondriest offers general dental procedures, like teeth cleanings, to maintain the health and beauty of your smile.

However, if your answers included at least one B or C, you might be interested in restorative and cosmetic dental procedures from Dr. Fondriest:


Interested in a smile makeover? Call our Lake Forest, IL, dental practice today at 847-234-0517. Dr. Fondriest provides quality cosmetic dental services, in a boutique atmosphere, to patients in the North Shore and greater Chicago areas.


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