Suffering from Tooth Loss? Consider a Dental Bridge or Implant

Suffering from Tooth Loss? Consider a Dental Bridge or Implant

Have you recently lost a tooth or had one extracted? If so, you may still be trying to deal with the emotions that often accompany adult tooth loss. They can range from frustration and embarrassment to concern about how you’ll be able to chew comfortably or smile confidently. Fortunately, modern dental prostheses are designed to complete the smile both cosmetically and functionally. So if you are ready to get back to life as normal, without the frustrations of an incomplete smile, talk to your prosthetic dentist about how a bridge or implant could help.

Dental Bridges Stabilize Replacement Teeth

While unsupported dentures are a fast way to complete a smile, dental bridges can also be completed quickly, yet they offer even more stability. That is because dental bridges use porcelain dental crowns affixed to remaining teeth to help hold a replacement tooth securely in place. Bridges can be used to replace a single lost tooth or several, or even an entire arch of teeth, when used in conjunction with dental implants.

For Longevity and Security, Consider a Dental Implant

Dental implants provide even more security, though, and that is because they rely on a titanium post to help stabilize a replacement tooth, partial or even full denture. The posts are used to mimic healthy tooth roots, both in their stabilization of replacement teeth and also in supplying nutrients to the jaw. This makes dental implants the most secure but also the most long-lasting form of smile completion, since they can actually prevent shrinkage of the jaw that often occurs after tooth loss.

Want To Securely Complete Your Smile?

Tired of suffering from an incomplete smile? Schedule a consultation with your prosthetic dentist, to find out how treatment could help complete and restore your smile. Call Lake Forest Dental Arts in Lake Forest, IL, today at 847-234-0517 to schedule an appointment.

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