Straight Smiles are Not Just for Aesthetics

Most people associate a straightened smile with a cosmetic enhancement. While nicely aligned teeth improve your image, correct bite alignment is better for your smile in more ways than one. Lake Forest cosmetic dentist, Dr. Fondriest is here to explain how evenly spaced teeth allow for better oral hygiene than crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago Focuses on Oral Health

At Lake Forest Dental Arts, we believe a beautiful smile is also a healthy smile. In fact, many dental procedures can be considered cosmetic because preventing dental problems also prevents smile imperfections like chipped teeth or tooth discoloration. In the case of a misaligned smile, orthodontics can help decrease the risk of cavities, TMJ disorder, and other dental issues like teeth grinding.

Crooked Teeth Create Dental Issues

When your teeth are too close together, your smile not only looks crooked but also hides bacteria and plaque from your brushing and flossing. Food can become lodged between teeth that are too close together and attract infection and acid erosion. Additionally, with a misaligned bite, some teeth may be compensating for the function of other teeth, creating excessive tooth wear.

Misaligned Bite Leads to Teeth Grinding

Compounding the tooth wear problem, malocclusion, or a bad bite, often causes TMJ disorder and bruxism. These dental issues involve jaw hinge pain and teeth grinding. Since your teeth do not match up correctly, your jaw constantly struggles to hold the teeth in the correct position, causing jaw muscle strain. Bruxism occurs as a result of back teeth touching at awkward angles, stimulating the jaw muscle to clench and grind teeth together.

Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago

A crooked or misaligned bite can create a host of problems ranging from smile imperfections to oral health issues. If you would like to improve your image while improving your dental health, contact our Lake Forest cosmetic dentist at 847-234-0517. At Lake Forest Dental Arts, we can offer a wide range of dental treatments for patients from Grayslake, Barrington, Lake Forest, Winnetka, Highland Park, North Shore, and Chicago.