Stocking Ideas That Won’t Wreck Your Smile: Part Two

Smile Friendly Christmas Stocking Ideas

This year, make sure to give your loved ones gifts that won’t cause damage to their beautiful smiles, so they can enjoy the holidays and still start the new year with great oral health! And remember, even stockings can be filled with items other than candy; it just takes a little creativity! That is especially true for the adults on your list, who probably don’t need the little toys and trinkets you’re used to giving your kids each Christmas. But that’s where your preventive dentist can help, with creative ideas for filling those stockings you have hung with care.

Other Ways to Fill Those Stockings

Even those who have outgrown stickers, temporary tattoos and the likes, can still find lots of non-candy items they’ll love on Christmas morning. Here are some wonderful ideas for all the adults on your list, none of which will lead to cavities or other dental problems.

  • Socks and underwear have long been staple stocking stuffers, and they are practical choices for the adults on your list. To make these items a little more fun, though, give your husband a pair of new dress socks with his favorite superhero on them, so he can smile a little bigger next time he’s getting dressed for work. Or, give your wife a pair of beautiful, lace socks designed to wear with the new boots she is getting from Santa! Be thoughtful, and choose items that highlight the recipient’s personality.
  • While you’re adding practical items, consider a new electronic toothbrush or travel accessories, like small bottles of mouthwash and toothbrush covers. These items are frequently overlooked when packing, so help get your loved ones ready for their next adventure by providing them as welcome stocking stuffers.
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