Start the Year with a Bright Smile Through Teeth Bleaching

Enjoy a Bright Smile in 2017

Did you spend a great deal of time this year feeling insecure, because of visible staining on the surface of your teeth? Discoloration is common, particularly as people age. That is because the teeth’s surface enamel is strong, but porous. This means that over time, stains can begin to penetrate the enamel, leading to noticeable discoloration, and also a general appearance of aging. To help reverse stains, and to create a younger-looking and brighter smile, many dentists recommend professional teeth whitening, which is a fast and effective way to address most stains.

When Is Professional Tooth Whitening the Answer?

In many cases, professional teeth bleaching, or teeth whitening as it is most commonly called, is an effective means of addressing tooth discoloration. That is because professional whitening relies on effective whitening agents that are often able to drastically lighten teeth, sometimes by up to eight shades, over the course of treatment. Unlike over-the-counter products, professional whitening provides more consistent results, and also comes with the expertise of a cosmetic dentist, who can also help to address other concerns, such as disproportionately shaped teeth, or those that seem misshapen or worn.

How a Dentist Can Address Permanent Staining

Another benefit of seeking whitening treatment through a cosmetic dentist is that even if the cause of your tooth stains is found to be permanent or intrinsic, in nature, there is still a way of helping to brighten the smile. Both cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers, for instance, can help to hide many imperfections, including permanent staining.

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