Start The New Year with a Beautiful Smile

New Year Porcelain Veneers

Even if you’ve spent your whole life feeling self-conscious about your smile it’s not too late to finally do something about it. In fact, the close of another year makes a great time to tackle one of the most important of to do’s you’ll ever face: learning to love your smile. Cosmetic dentistry, namely porcelain veneers, can help. Veneers offer a great and fast way to address esthetic concerns so you can ring in another year, this time feeling proud of your newly dazzling smile! So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to smile insecurities once and for all, and if you’re ready to like the smile you see in the mirror (and in selfies) it’s time to talk with your cosmetic dentist about porcelain veneers!

What Can Veneers Do for You?

  • Veneers are a durable way to address a slew of cosmetic concerns, quickly.
  • Modern veneers require very little or no preparation of your existing teeth. Because veneers can now be made incredibly thin, heavy filing of healthy teeth enamel is no longer necessary to properly fit a patient with veneers. In fact, some veneers come in no-prep options, which require no alteration to the patient’s teeth!
  • Veneers can hide permanent stains or discoloration, correct gaps between teeth, and make disproportionally small or oddly shaped teeth appear more uniform with the rest of your smile.
  • Because veneers are made to match your existing teeth’s shade and contouring, the resulting enhancements are natural-looking and nearly seamless with the rest of your smile.
  • Proper dental care, including preventive dental checkups, makes it possible to preserve veneers for more than a decade, making veneers one of the longest lasting forms of cosmetic treatment available.
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