Sparkling Summer Smiles | Dental Bleaching

Even the perfect swimsuit won’t outshine a bold, brilliant smile. As you’re preparing for swimsuit season this year, prepare your smile, as well. A gleaming smile can make a person appear years younger, and with professional home teeth whitening, getting a sparkling smile has never been easier.

Dr. James Fondriest offers custom-made mouth trays that hold a potent bleaching compound against teeth, while keeping saliva from diluting the whitening power. These dentist-prescribed teeth whitening systems are stronger than any you can purchase over the counter. In just one visit, he can create your whitening trays, so you can begin the initial two-week treatment. You’ll choose from the Day White (for sensitive teeth) or Night White system. After just one or two days of treatment, you’ll notice results. Keep your whitening trays and, after the first treatment round, you can touch up your smile as necessary.

You may have also heard of one-visit teeth whitening. These systems rely on a light-activated bleaching gel that primarily dehydrates tooth enamel. The results are not long lasting, and the procedure may cause tooth sensitivity. For these reasons, Dr. Fondriest believes he’s giving his patients the best option by only offering home whitening kits.

Are you ready to let your smile shine this summer? Call Lake Forest Dental Arts today if you’re in the Chicago or North Shore area, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Fondriest.

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