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What is a Smile Dentist?

A doctor that focuses on the aesthetic aspects of dental treatment. More attention is directed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile. Most of the public thinks of teeth whitening or bonding, but most cosmetic dentists in Chicago will provide many smile improvement treatments. At this time “Smile Dentistry” is not a recognized specialty by the American Dental Association and there is no state specialty license for it. This allows any dentist to call himself or herself a cosmetic expert.

How do you find a great smile dentist?

Take time researching potential doctors before you make a selection. You want to feel confident that you are offered the wisest treatment options and that you will achieve the best possible results. It is important to ask for examples of the dentist’s work before you commit to  treatment. It is in your best interest to visit the website and look closely at the before and after images they offer. Make sure that the images aren’t purchased images done by other dentists.

Do all smile dentists have an “Artistic Expertise”?

Smile Makeover done by Chicago Smile dentist

Porcelain crowns can be beautiful and natural. This sweet Wilmette lady came in with a hosh-posh of old crowns done by three different dentists. Some were opaque, some had black lines at the gum line, and some did not match. We listened carefully to how she wanted them to look. She got the look that she was after! Click image to enlarge

Beautiful work is hard to come by. Many general and smile dentists will claim proficiency but only do a couple of small cases a year. There are many other criteria upon which you can evaluate a dentist. For some patients, it boils down to location and cost. Be careful when choosing the cheapest option. Dentistry delivered with high aesthetic standards is like fine artwork. It requires more skill and more time from the dentist and the dental lab to create. Cosmetic dental procedures done at this level will be more expensive than that done by an average general dentist.

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