Smile Confidently Again with Cosmetic Dentistry: Part One

Does Your Smile Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Has it been several years since you last liked the way you look in pictures? Do you feel insecure when talking with friends, or unhappy when you see your smile in the reflection of a mirror? If so, cosmetic dentistry could help restore your confidence, by revitalizing your smile. Through procedures like teeth whitening, veneers or bonding, and even gum lifts, a cosmetic dentist can drastically improve your smile’s appearance, while still highlighting its natural beauty. So, if your smile could stand to look a little younger, or you’re simply tired of feeling insecure because of noticeable imperfections in your teeth or gums, talk to your dentist about how cosmetic dentistry could improve your smile.

When Is Whitening the Answer?

Professional whitening is perhaps the most common form of cosmetic dentistry, because it is simple, fast, and can drastically improve the smile’s appearance. If discoloration is the only issue with your smile, professional whitening could be an ideal treatment.

It is designed to safely eliminate several years’ worth of staining, often lightening teeth by seven to ten shades in the process.

It can be completed at-home, at your own convenience, but usually takes less than two weeks. Plus, unlike over-the-counter options, it provides consistent and reliable results.

What If Staining Isn’t the Issue?

Of course, sometimes a person’s cosmetic concerns go far beyond simple staining. In the case of size, shape or even minor spacing issues, bonding and contouring, or porcelain veneers make great solutions. These can help to make disproportionate or seemingly misshapen teeth sit more in line with the rest of the smile. They can also hide minor gaps between teeth, or even permanent or intrinsic staining that whitening would not be able to address.

Bonding and contouring are fast and affordable. In fact, they’re often able to be completed in under an hour. However, porcelain veneers provide even longer-lasting results because of the natural strength and stain-resistance of dental porcelain.

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