Should You Schedule Cosmetic Dentistry This Summer?

Spend Summer Updating Your Smile
As a teacher (or student), did you start counting down the days until summer vacation the second spring break was over? If so, that could be because you’re simply looking forward to some time off from work or studying. But it could also be due to the exciting plans you have already made! Whether those plans include catching up on your leisurely reading, or taking an adventure to some place exotic, there is one more thing you could mark on your calendar, a to-do that will serve you well for many years to come: cosmetic dentistry!

What Can Be Done to Improve Your Smile?

Many people think that imperfections in the teeth can only be addressed through expensive treatments. But modern cosmetic dentistry provides a number of ways to improve a smile’s appearance affordably, which is perfect for both teacher and student budgets. Plus, many treatments can be completed over summer break, allowing you to head back next fall with a more beautiful, confidence-instilling smile!
  • Professional teeth whitening/bleaching, for instance, is a fast and relatively inexpensive way to remove staining and to improve the overall brightness and youthfulness of the smile. While more expensive than most over-the-counter options, professional whitening can often provide far more noticeable results than OTC products.
  • Two other affordable forms of cosmetic dentistry are cosmetic bonding and contouring. These can actually be completed in less than an hour, in most cases, because they rely on the dentist’s own artistry to be completed. Bonding is used to help make disproportionately small teeth more even with the rest of the smile. It can also hide permanent or intrinsic staining, jagged edges, and even minor gaps between the teeth!
  • Contouring is similarly fast and affordable, but it is used to help adjust teeth that seem too large or jagged. By etching small portions of the tooth, the dentist can create a more evenly-sized and shaped smile!
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