Send Your Kids Back to School with Healthy Smiles

Healthy Smiles through Preventive Care

Now that school is nearly back in session, do you have a busy calendar hanging on your wall, and lunchboxes sitting in the pantry, waiting to be filled? If so, you might feel slightly overwhelmed how to go about getting your picky kids to eat healthy foods, that are also affordable and easily packed for cafeteria lunches and after school snacks. Well, fortunately, your preventive dentist has some great tips for providing your kids with smile-friendly foods that will also do their bodies good!

Kid-friendly Foods That Are Also Smile Healthy

It can certainly be a challenge to get kids to eat foods that are actually good for them, but there are some helpful tricks for sending them to school with foods they’ll enjoy that are also good for their oral health.

  • For instance, instead of potato chips, try other crispy foods that have more nutrients and less salt and preservatives. Celery sticks, bell pepper slices and carrots may not seem exciting, but packing them with peanut butter (if the school allows), hummus or even a ranch dip can add flavors your kids love, while the fresh veggies supply them with nutrients they need. Plus, vegetables and fruits are high in water content, which makes them extremely smile healthy!
  • Speaking of fruit, apple slices, oranges, bananas, grapes, and many berries all travel well, making them perfect as a lunch side or as a snack on the go. Instead of sugary breakfast items, why not try a no-sugar added yogurt or oatmeal and a healthy fruit to start their day? Remember, limiting sugar can help reduce the risk of cavities, which require restorative treatment.
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