Recover from Tooth Loss with a Dental Implant

Dental Implants Restore Smiles

Do you remember how much excitement you felt the first time you lost a tooth? Many kids cannot wait to mark that rite of passage, often going so far as to tie their loose teeth to doorknobs in an effort to nudge them along. Unfortunately that same feeling is not often experienced by adults suffering from tooth loss. Instead, many feel frustrated, panicked or even ashamed. But, a lost tooth doesn’t have to be the end of your days of smiling. A dental implant can help complete your smile both cosmetically and functionally, so that even if you weren’t overjoyed about losing a tooth, you can be relieved to replace its beauty and function.

What Dental Implants Can Offer You

Whether caused by decay, gum disease, trauma or another factor, tooth loss is far more common than many people realize. And while there are many dental prosthetics that can help complete a smile, dental implants have quickly become one of the most popular and highly recommended.

That is because dental implants help replace both the missing tooth and its root, providing increased stability compared to many other forms of restoration, including dental bridges. The replacement tooth, itself, is anchored by a titanium post, which must be surgically inserted into the jaw. Because of titanium’s high level of biocompatibility, your soft tissue will actually grow around the post. This process takes a few months, and it is called osseointegration. It adds stability to the replacement tooth, which can be connected to it using an abutment. But the post also helps supply nutrients to your jaw, preserving its structure and therefore offering stable support for your entire smile!

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