Reasons Not to Fear Restorative Dentistry

Should You Be Worried About Restorative Dentistry?

Are you worried that you have a dental issue that may require restorative treatment? If you had work done several years ago, you may have been unhappy with the look or feel of your restoration. Fortunately modern advances make it more possible than ever to restore a smile both functionally and cosmetically, while still creating sturdy and smile-saving restorations. So whether you are dealing with sensitivity, discomfort or even pain caused by a dental issue, it is time to find out how restorative dentistry could help.

Seamless Options Make It Possible to Beautifully Improve the Smile

Both dental fillings and crowns are frequently recommended as restorative treatment for dealing with dental issues like cavities, chips, and jagged edges caused by excessive wear. Fortunately, modern fillings and crowns can be made to be both strong and natural-looking.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of a composite resin material that offers a number of benefits when compared to the metal amalgam fillings that were once popular. First, the resin is safe for patients with metal allergies and sensitivities, and often more comfortable since it does not conduct heat as much as metal. Secondly, the resin bonds incredibly well with teeth and requires less space, allowing for more of the tooth to be preserved. Thirdly, the resin creates a nearly seamless restoration most people will not notice.

Porcelain crowns are similar in that they are made to create tight protective seals for damaged teeth. They are also natural-looking, since the porcelain can be crafted to resemble your natural teeth, in shape, size, contouring and sheen.

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