Unique dental problems? | You should seek a second opinion

Unique dental problems

Do you have unique dental problems? You know that seeking care for a whiter smile is common, so you would never think twice about approaching us to discuss cosmetic care options. However, when your smile concerns don’t seem to fall into a category you consider to be common, you may feel like it’s something you should keep to yourself. You’d rather live with the smile you’re not too thrilled about right now than hear that we simply cannot help, you think to yourself. While we completely understand where you’re coming from, we also remind you that our Lake Forest, IL practice offers artistic smile design with a comprehensive listing of ways to improve your grin. Before you assume you’re without an answer, remember: We can always help you find one.

You Don’t Like Your Tooth Length

If you’re not a fan of your tooth length, we want you to immediately recognize that there are multiple ways for us to help you fix this problem. If you don’t like that they are too long or too short, we can address the concern! If you are unhappy with just one tooth, a handful of teeth, all of your teeth, or the fact that your smile could look more even, just let us know. This is what treatments like dental bonding are for within the world of artistic smile design (Hint: Bonding helps you lengthen teeth). There’s always a way to make your smile look better.

You Think Your Problem Is Your Gumline

You might have come to the realization that your esthetic smile concerns are, in fact, not to do so much with your teeth but with your gumline! You might have gum tissue that’s making your smile look lopsided. Your gumline may be too low, which makes teeth look short and exposes too much gum tissue when you smile. Remember: We provide gum lifts as one of our artistic smile design solutions, which can have a truly significant and beautiful impact on the appearance of your entire smile (and your entire appearance, too!).

You’re Embarrassed By Craze Lines

When you’re dealing with those little tiny fissures in your teeth that aren’t dangerous for you but that you find to be quite unappealing to look at, we can help! Whether you end up with bonding or porcelain veneers (or even whitening if it’s just staining bothering you), there are many ways to make things better.

Allow Us To Help Address Your Unique Smile Problems

Ready for help with whatever is affecting the beauty of your smile? Just let us know you’re ready to discuss details and solutions. Feel free to schedule a visit with Dr. Fondriest by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.