Pretty Smile Restoration Through Porcelain Crowns

Pretty Smile Restoration with Porcelain Crowns

Are you tired of looking at the shiny metal crown in the back of your mouth? Your family members may have even teased you about your “pirate tooth.” Unfortunately, the metal that used to be commonly used for dental crowns, has been known to cause many people allergic reactions and heightened sensitivity to hot and cold foods. But thankfully, metal is no longer the only option. Porcelain crowns offter a beautiful way to restore your smile, while still providing the durability you need in a dental treatment.

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Patients who have lost teeth are not the only ones who might benefit from a dental crown. Though crowns are a wonderful form of restoration after tooth loss, crowns can also be used to enhance the appearance of cracked or damaged teeth, as well as to protect any teeth affected by a cavity or infection. And, because they’re built to withstand pressure, porcelain crowns can be used anywhere in your mouth, to effectively protect fragile teeth.

If you do need a replacement tooth, a dental crown can be anchored by dental implants (titanium posts) or dental bridges, which can help your crown function like your natural teeth.

What Makes Porcelain Great?

Porcelain itself is durable and beautiful as a form of restoration, because of how closely it can be crafted to resemble your natural teeth. From their shape to their sheen, a custom porcelain crown will be made to blend seamlessly with your smile. This offers patients the icnreased confidence that comes with knowing their smile looks beautiful and natural, and functions just as well.

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