Patient Testimonial: All Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

“I cannot even count the number of years that I spent being self conscious about the condition of my teeth. My teeth were obviously crowned and the crowns were all different colors. The crowns didn’t fit well and they caused gum problems. I felt that my smile was noticeably unhealthy. My former dentist kept giving me more of the same and I was told that I needed to have gum surgery a second time. I decided to go to a new dentist with the hopes of improving and saving my teeth and to recover what damage had already been done.

I was given Dr. Fondriest’s name by my best friend who went to him. When I first came to Dr. Fondriest, I was impressed how thoughtful he was of what I wanted. After meeting him and his staff, I immediately felt comfortable that I was in more capable hands. Together we made a plan for my mouth that would fulfill my need for health but also would make my smile better. Throughout the process, Dr. Fondriest and his staff proved to be above what I had anticipated. Everyone who assisted in my treatment was so pleasant and helped to make me feel so relaxed. To me, Dr. Fondriest was like a brilliant artist striving to create a work of perfection for my smile- he wanted my smile to be the best and most natural it could be.

I am so thankful that I agreed to this commitment of finally having my teeth repaired. I am now able to feel comfortable eating whatever foods I like without the fear of losing my crowns. It is easy to floss again. I am so much happier with my smile. I have had several people tell me they love my teeth and smile and ask for the secret!

I am so appreciative, thank you!”


-Dori Kole, Highland Park, IL

Dr. James Fondriest is a cosmetic and restorative dentist in Lake Forest, Illinois. Serving the greater Chicago area, Dr. Fondriest has created beautiful, fully functional smiles for countless patients. To see the smiles Dr. Fondriest has created, view his before and after and porcelain photo galleries. To hear what patients think about their treatments and new smiles, take a look at the patient testimonials section of his website. For more information or to reserve an appointment, call Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517.

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