Ouch! Is That a Cavity?

Ouch! Do You Have a Dental Cavity

Was your cup of coffee accompanied by dental discomfort, this morning, instead of the usual cream and sugar? Did last night’s dessert leave your sweet tooth unsatisfied? In fact, did it leave you in pain? If so, you could be suffering from a dental cavity. Cavities occur when the enamel of the teeth has eroded away, leaving the more sensitive layer beneath it, the dentin, exposed to the foods and beverages you consume. Since dentin is more sensitive many patients experience discomfort as an early warning sign of a cavity. Fortunately, if you are diagnosed with dental decay, like a cavity, your restorative dentist may be able to quickly address the issue and to restore your comfort and your confidence in your smile. For instance, tooth-colored dental fillings are beautiful restorations that can quickly improve your smile! Just make sure you seek treatment, quickly, when the cavity can still be treated promptly, in order to prevent worsening problems, such as a potential tooth infection.

Other Warnings Your Smile Might Be in Trouble

Sensitivity, especially to hot and cold foods, is often a symptom of a cavity. Discomfort while chewing or drinking is also clear indication of a dental problem. Other common symptoms include noticeable staining and discoloration, especially dark lines along the crevices of teeth, or even white patches on the surface of teeth, which could indicate the enamel has been compromised.

If you notice changes in your smile, it is wise to schedule an appointment with your restorative dentist. Likewise, if it has been more than six months since your last dental visit, it is also wise to visit the dentist for a checkup, and a cleaning!

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