Now’s the Time for Cosmetic Bonding!

Time for Cosmetic Bonding?

Ever wondered if there’s an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment, if your only concern is a few purely cosmetic, minor gaps between your teeth? Do you wish there was a more affordable way to address disproportionally small teeth than porcelain veneers? If so, it’s time to consider cosmetic bonding, a simple and fast procedure that can help drastically improve the look of your smile, affordable and with beautiful and natural-looking results.

Ways Bonding Can Correct Your Concerns

Though it’s not as common as some cosmetic treatments, like professional teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding is still a wonderfully affordable and quick way to address imperfections of the teeth. From disproportionally small teeth, to minor gaps and permanent staining, jagged edges to misshapen teeth, bonding can help. It’s also durable and nearly seamless with your natural smile.

That’s because bonding utilizes the same composite resin material now used for many tooth-colored fillings, a material that is prized for both its ability to bond well with teeth and its customizability. This allows the dentist to first tint the resin to match your natural teeth, and then to carefully sculpt it to match their natural form, while hiding any noticeable imperfections. Though veneers do tend to be even longer-lasting, thanks to porcelain’s innate stain-resistance, bonding is an excellent choice for cosmetic improvements, especially for patients on a tighter timeframe (or budget) for treatment than veneers would allow.

So, before you settle on veneers or even orthodontia to fix your smile woes, talk with your dentist about boding, and if it could actually be the best choice for you!

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