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This Chicago socialite had done an in-depth internet search to find the best Cosmetic Dentist she could find. She met with and interviewed many of these cosmetic experts but chose to come to Dr. Fondriest. Earlier, she had been disappointed about several recent front crowns done by her regular dentist. She wanted to replace all of her upper front dentistry that included some implants, veneers, and crowns with ugly margins showing. The first replacements were placed looked fake and lacked any semblance to nature. Her desire to have it done well pushed her to drive up to Lake Forest to have her smile makeover done.

If you live in or near Northfield finding the right dentist can be a huge challenge. With so many practitioners to choose from,

We believe that every dentist should be a “Cosmetic Dentist” because all dental procedures should be done with the cosmetic outcome in mind. This is true with cosmetic restorative procedures such as bonding, veneers, crowns, fillings, implant crowns, but also with surgery, orthodointics, will you ever select the right one for you? If you need significant restorative or cosmetic treatment, look to Lake Forest Dental Arts to find the outstanding care you deserve. Why would you consider driving up to Lake Forest?  Most of our Northfield patients know that they need something more than what the corner dentist or neighborhood dental expert can provide.  Our practice specializes in treating more complicated dental problems and serving patients with higher esthetic requirements.  Dr James Fondriest is nationally recognized for his experience, knowledge, and personalized care and attracts patients from all over the country. Always guided by an artistic approach, he can ensure that your smile looks great and reflects your unique natural beauty.

Dr. Fondriest’s Mission

At our Chicago-area practice, Dr. Fondriest aims to provide compassionate treatment that truly meets your needs. Before beginning any procedure, he will conduct a complete consultation. Of course, he will examine your teeth and periodontal health. However, he will also listen to your goals and concerns. Dr. Fondriest wants you to actively participate in the creation of your treatment plan. He believes that the best results arise from true dentist-patient collaboration. Throughout the entire process, he will be compassionate, respectful, and discreet.

Your Northfield dentist will also closely examine your lips, facial symmetry, natural mouth movements, and jaw alignment. In this way, he can ensure that your smile enhances your facial proportions and contours.

Recognized Experience and Expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry and Prosthodontics

Dr. Fondriest has received numerous awards and honors. He currently holds academic positions at the Pankey Institute, the Spear Institute, and the University of Florida Dental School. Dentistry Today has named him one of the Top 100 Dental Educators in the USA. Dr. Fondriest has written numerous articles for some of the nation’s top dental publications. He is a Fellow in the International College of Dentists, the American College of Dentists, and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. He has also been listed among The Best Dentists in America, published by Woodward/White. And he has been invited to be a member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.  This membership is only offered to the top .001% of dentists.

Our Ceramists Provide Outstanding Restorations

To serve you and our other Northfield-area patients, Dr. Fondriest partners with Matt Roberts, CDT. Mr. Roberts is one of the most sought-after ceramists in the country. Located in Idaho, he creates incredibly lifelike crowns, bridges, and veneers. Each of his restorations is designed to match the precise shape and color of his patient’s teeth. Like Dr. Fondriest, Mr. Roberts has received numerous awards and recognitions. An Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, he frequently lectures on the national and international circuits. He is also a worldwide advocate for greater collaboration between dentists and ceramists.

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