Do You Want a Good Dental Experience?

good dental experience

Do you routinely have a good dental experience at your checkups? What are the features of a good experience at the dental office? Is the office nice, clean, and orderly? Are you greeted with a smile? Do you have to wait long past your scheduled appointment time to be seen? Do you like the hygienist? Does she answer all f your questions?

There are usually two types of feelings you can have when you walk into a room and realize you (and another individual) are standing beneath the mistletoe when it comes to your smile. If you love your smile, then you will feel magnificent about this funny moment! If not, then a potentially friendly and silly tradition can make you feel quite embarrassed! For those of you who find that this thought causes you to feel a bit frantic about the current state of your grin, it may be time to use this as inspiration to see our Lake Forest, IL team. Come in soon. Your cosmetic dentistry solutions await!

Talk With Us About Your Feelings

First, we encourage you to simply let us know how you feel about your smile. Remember that your concerns about esthetics are often very unique. While one patient with spaces and discoloration may want cosmetic dentistry for spaces and discoloration, another might actually appreciate the little gaps in their grin but still really want teeth whitening. It is always our goal to collaborate with you and consider the smile you are envisioning as we work toward a more beautiful grin.

Follow Through With Treatments

As you know, even during the holidays, there is no magic spell to cast! Santa cannot simply show up, snap his fingers, and give you the perfect smile. Instead, you will need to come in to meet with our team to learn about your options through cosmetic dentistry. You will then need to follow through with the agreed upon treatments in order to see results! Fortunately, whether you’re looking at nothing more than whitening or if you also require veneers, porcelain crowns, etc., always keep one thing in mind: The personalized smile design journey will be an efficient one and will comfortably guide you toward a smile you feel so much better about!

Don’t Try To Do It Yourself

You may feel like rushing to the drugstore after your holiday party to pick up over-the-counter teeth whitening. You might rush out to gather up the ingredients for a DIY (do it yourself) treatment you saw online. We understand your feelings! However, we also encourage you to remember that being just a little bit patient and selecting professional care instead is always to your advantage.

See Us After Holiday Time To Improve Your Smile

Come on in when you realize you are ready for cosmetic dentistry, so we may assist you in achieving a smile you feel fantastic to have on display! Feel free to schedule a visit with Dr. Fondriest by calling us at (847) 234-0517. We welcome patients from Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Chicago, Libertyville, and the surrounding communities.