Missing an Ingredient for a Great Smile? It Could Be Even Gums

Teeth aren’t the only key ingredient to a beautiful smile. You also need healthy and symmetrical gums, otherwise your entire smile can look disproportional or uneven. Thankfully, gum lifts allow patients concerned with the appearance of their gums to have cosmetic treatment that can correct those imperfections. And thanks to modern technology, including laser dentistry, the procedure is now safer and less invasive than before. Whether you’ve long been concerned about an uneven gumline, or have only recently noticed your smile looking “gummier” than usual, your cosmetic dentist can help!

What’s a Gum Lift and How Does It Work?

While gum lifts are not as well-known or commonly performed as many other cosmetic dental procedures, like professional teeth whitening or porcelain veneers, they can be a great option for patients whose primary concern is the uneven or excessive appearance of gum tissue.

A gum lift involves sculpting away portions of the gum tissue that seem excessive or are uneven. In many cases this can drastically improve the appearance of the smile, by revealing portions of the teeth once hidden beneath the gums.

And because lasers are able to suture as the dentist sculpts the gums, there is far less bleeding and discomfort than when the procedure had to be completed using a scalpel. This has also decreased the amount of time necessary for recovery from a gum lift, which has caused the procedure to become a more viable and popular cosmetic enhancement amongst many patients.

If you choose to visit a cosmetic dentist that specializes in artistic smile design, he or she may work closely with a periodontist or oral surgeon that can complete the gum lift to the dentist’s specifications, in order to help you achieve your dream smile!

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