Some Misconceptions about Dentistry

The average person has some misconceptions about dentistry and oftentimes those misconceptions tend to lead to few and sparse dental visits. However, at Lake Forest Dental Arts, we like to keep our patients informed about dental work.

In today’s fun and informative blog post, Dr. James Fondriest reveals some truths about dentistry.

Learn the Real Truth about Dentistry

Dentistry Myth # 1Brushing several times a day causes enamel damage.

While this statement is somewhat true, most of it isn’t. Brushing right after consuming an enamel-weakening food like a soda can cause damage to the tooth. For those instances, it’s best to wait 20 minutes to allow the tooth to regain its strength.

On the other hand, brushing when appropriate won’t harm your teeth. In fact, though dentists say brush twice a day, brushing after every meal is even better for your smile.

Dentistry Myth # 2Bleeding gums means I can’t brush.

Bleeding gums indicate that you’re in need of visiting a dentist and soon. When your gums bleed, it’s oftentimes a sign of gingivitis—the early stage of gum disease. If your gums bleed during your regular teeth cleaning routine, take care to make an appointment with your 60045 dentist. For patients who can’t visit the dentist right away, continue brushing with an extra soft toothbrush to prevent further damage to your gum line; choosing to not brush only makes matters worse.

Dentistry Myth # 3Bright white teeth equals healthy teeth.

This is completely untrue. Having a pretty, white smile isn’t any indication that you’re in sound oral health. Even with healthy-looking enamel, you could have hidden cavities, root canal issues, and even abnormalities below the gum line that may require treatment. The only sure way to ensure you’re teeth keep their top-notch status, is by visiting the dentist often.

Dentistry Myth # 4Tooth decay only occurs to a tooth once.

Tooth decay can occur to any tooth countless amounts of times. Having a tooth filled doesn’t make it impervious to decay. Preventing decay effectively requires diligent teeth cleaning everyday.

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