Metal for Strong, Beautiful, and Safe Dental Work

Metal dental work has been surrounded by controversy for some time, because of the potential dangers of mercury and recent developments in beautiful porcelain restorations. But Dr. James Fondriest, of Lake Forest Dental Arts, stands behind the use of metal in dentistry. He values the health and beauty of his patients, and he incorporates both of these factors into his cosmetic dental treatments.

The Safety of Metal Dentistry

The main cause of concern for advocates of eliminating metal amalgam from use in dentistry is mercury. While Dr. Fondriest does not claim any knowledge of the toxicity of the metal, the FDA has approved metal amalgam for adults and children over six years of age. The agency does warn against using amalgam in children under six, pregnant women, or, of course, anyone allergic to the material. But the amount of mercury released from metal amalgam in dental work is negligible and the levels of mercury found even in people with multiple metal amalgam restorations is well below a harmful toxicity level.

Gold’s Place in Dentistry

Dr. Fondriest generally employs gold restorations in his dental practice. In porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations, gold can produce beautiful results when in the hands of a master ceramist, and PFM is much stronger than porcelain alone. Gold restorations are biocompatible (the hard and soft tissues of your mouth integrate with them). They can also withstand chewing pressure and last for decades without corroding. Many people find gold fillings more pleasing to the eye than metal amalgam. Though gold is more expensive than porcelain or other metal work, it results in a combination of strength and beauty that the other restorations alone cannot provide.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of strong, beautiful dental work, please call our Lake Forest, IL, dental practice today. Dr. Fondriest provides high-quality cosmetic dentistry to patients in the North Shore and the greater Chicago area.


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