Making Fast Great Cosmetic Dental Changes

Fast cosmetic changes

You might expect something like a smile makeover to take considerable time and energy. After all, the steps needed to dramatically alter the look of your teeth would require several steps…right? You might not realize it, but a smile makeover can be attained in a shorter time than you expect. You can make changes to issues like discoloration, dental damage, and even some alignment issues by receiving porcelain veneers. The placement of veneers will typically require preparatory work that sees enamel removed from your teeth. Because our office can offer no-prep veneers, you can have those changes made by veneers with less preparatory work on your natural teeth. In some cases, your dentist may not need to perform any preliminary work before no-prep veneers are placed! In addition to using veneers to make changes, your dentist can also offer to fix dental flaws through a cosmetic bonding procedure, where composite resin is used to cover up unsightly issues.

Using No-Prep Veneers To Transform Your Appearance

No-prep veneers are remarkably thin, but still maintain the durability that will be needed to effectively restore your appearance, and retain their condition. Because of their impressively slim design, the amount of preparatory work on teeth is reduced. In fact, your teeth may not need any preliminary work before your dentist can place your veneers! Once they are in place, they can offer great coverage for visible flaws that have been hurting your smile.

Hiding Flaws With A Cosmetic Bonding Treatment

A cosmetic bonding treatment uses composite resin, which your dentist uses for dental fillings, to cover up flaws that affect your smile. This material can bond directly to your tooth, for long-lasting support. This approach allows your dentist to correct cosmetic flaws without waiting for a restoration produced at a dental lab.

Time to make some fast cosmetic changes

You can receive cosmetic care through many different treatments. When the right procedure is identified to provide you with your ideal results, you can be thrilled at how your appearance has improved! We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area. To set up a consultation, call our office at 847-234-0517.