Smile transformation

Smile transformation

How many procedures will it take to make your current smile match your ideal smile? If you think about each issue affecting your smile – issues that can include discoloration, wear and tear, or congenital flaws – you may fear a long and involved cosmetic treatment process. You can be relieved to learn how your dentist can cover up several flaws with a single procedure. Porcelain veneers have become a popular treatment solution for so many patients due to their ability to provide a dramatic smile transformation. When veneers are placed on your teeth, they can give you a smile that is fully improved, as they can make improvements to the color and condition of your teeth.

Why Veneers Are Used To Help Patients Enjoy A Smile Makeover

Veneers can effectively “make over” a person’s smile because they can provide coverage for any superficial flaws that currently affect how you look. Are you concerned because of discoloration? Veneers can hide stains, and they can cover up internal discoloration that a professional teeth bleaching can fail to remedy. Are you bothered by wear and tear, damage, or other structural flaws? Veneers can hide superficial surface concerns, and make your smile look uniformly healthy and attractive.

Undergo An Evaluation To Make Sure You Qualify For Veneers

While veneers are regularly approved for patients with wide-ranging needs, there are some potential issues that can interfere with your treatment. Untreated cavities need to be addressed before veneers can be placed. Your dentist also has to check on the condition of damaged teeth, which could require more than just cosmetic treatment. More significant damage can make a dental crown necessary.

Should You Ask About No-Prep Veneers?

No-prep veneers are incredibly thin, to the point that your dentist may be able to apply them to your teeth without any preparatory work. This can be a relief to patients who are excited to fix cosmetic flaws, but concerned about the placement process for traditional veneers.

Learn more about getting your smile transformation

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